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More Workbenches!

  Check it. Having approached my cluttered work area the other night I was inspired all sudden-like to snap a pic. No, not because I thought it looked pretty or productive or whatever. But I had an interesting thought about how... Read The Rest →

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Chucks on Train

Well here’s something from the way way back. Let me check that metadata actually… 9/21/2011 @ 9:42PM. Good to know.  

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Eh, a Shoe Dryer

A common problem I had, when getting back to the gym to work out, after a previous day of busting my ass, was moist or damp or sweaty shoes and gloves… ewww… So I didn’t do anything about it for a... Read The Rest →

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Your first camera | Picking your poison

I get asked every so often about cameras, to buy this or that? Well, it’s been a while since I’ve gone down that road… but I definitely remember the struggle and indecision. If you’re looking to take that jump into the DSLR... Read The Rest →

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Buckets barrels | more wood

And I still can’t stop making things! It could be the nice weather. It could be that I want to have an awesome garden. I may just be bored. But for the past couple of weeks it’s been all about the... Read The Rest →