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Spring really kicks me in the ass when it comes to productivity. I’ve been busy doing all these little projects here and there that I’ve completely lost sight of everything else. Wait.. I’ve been so productive that I feel unproductive? Yeahhh well whatever…

So, well, um, since I suck at multi-tasking projects, I’m switching gears momentarily and doing a quick and dirty picture dump of all the stuff I’ve put together that really started when I took a van full of wood pallets home, and hoping to build something useful out of it.

 ∞ ∞ ∞

Project 1: Coffee Table

Really, the first thing was to chop them pieces of wood up to usable strips. This was not easy. I recommend a reciprocating saw with a demolition blade. That whole pry-bar-hammer combo did not work well for me (took forever!).

After that and as I looked down at all the scrap and thought that we might use coffee table, well, I just sort of came up with what you’ll see below.

I used a steel wool & vinegar solution, which gives some awesome results, followed by a coat of polyurethane. In hindsight I wish I would have kept that polyurethane off as it darkened and dulled in a way I don’t like.

 ∞ ∞ ∞

Project 2: Bench

Sometimes, someone sits out on the porch. A chair, up until the point that something heavy fell on it, was where our bottoms would rest. So I made a bench for our porch as project number two. You can see the old fold out chair and it’s pieces on the floor around it.

After using the same steel-wool-vinegar spray I got a slight color change, but nothing too awesome. No polyurethane this time. My favorite thing about this is the angled legs, it gives a slight Japanese feel to it.

∞ ∞ ∞

Project 3: Doghouse

projects-22 I only took a single picture of this ugly thing! In the beginning, I thought, “Oh hey, Niz (our dog) might want a nice shaded area to cool off sometime”. And all seemed good and well when he happily ran in and out of the thing after I built it! But he quickly decided that he liked the shade elsewhere, not in his house… So I tore the thing down! Niz likes to eat our plants when nobody is watching him, as you may have noticed by the plant sitting next to him..



Stay tuned! Because I’ve not only destroyed that dog-house, but I’ve made more STUFF!

Check it out here.

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